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Health Tips From Houseplants

Recently I read  a little piece in Natural Awakenings, one of the free publications at our local health food store. Being a nature lover and “plant person” it resonated with me and I’ve re-capped the the basic idea below::

Things I learned  About Health from my Houseplants

green leaves reflecting in the water, shallow focus

1) Be Adaptable : A plant might do poorly in one location or when watered too much, or too little, but often come to life again in a different location or with a little more or less water. If something isn’t working in your life, try something else!

2) Pay attention to your Body: A plant’s leaves are indicative of it’s health. Our skin, hair, teeth, and eyes often reveal key information about our nutritional status and can be pre-cursors to other health issues. Pay attention to these little signals and respond with nutrients and exercise, or seek support or treatment to help prevent more serious issues in the future.

3) Be patient: A little bud takes time to come to fruition. Be patient with yourself. If you are not learning a life lesson or achieving a goal as quickly as you’d like, it’s okay. An intention sets things into motion, the result will come soon enough.

4) You can always start over: I have often thought a plant was dead, only to find new growth emerging sometime later. The old growth had died back and the plant’s energy withdrew for a time only to re-emerge later. We can always start over from the roots of our souls!

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