Therapeutic Pilates

THERAPEUTIC PILATES is a mindful approach to pilates. Exercises are carefully broken down so that students understand how to do them in a way that supports healthy postural patterns. Pilates emphasizes strengthening core musculature which supports the low back and the entire spine. Smaller postural muscles are strengthened along with the larger muscle groups creating a more balanced body. Pilates helps develop a strong, resilient body, resistant to injury.

Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results

‘Introduction to Pilates’ and ‘Therapeutic Pilates’ 

These introductory series are offered periodically throughout the year.

Next Introduction to Pilates Series:

January, 2020

Register with Evolution PT and Yoga:  802-864-9642

Drop-in Pilates ​classes:

Tuesday, Pilates/ Stretch

Thursday, Therapeutic Pilates 


10-class card 170.00

5-class card 87.50

Single class 18.00

   Private Sessions: 75/ 1 hour, 40/ .5 hour


Private Matwork Sessions

For those new to pilates, a three session package is recommended before taking group classes to familiarize you with the pilates technique and/or address any physical issue/injuries you may have. These serve the purpose of helping you feel confident and safe upon entering  group classes and can also serve to provide you with a home routine.

Contact us for further info and to register for other upcoming series.