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Julian Ughetti, CMT, PARAWARE Massage & Bodywork

Julian Ughetti, CMT

Nearly two decades after enduring multiple traumatic injuries to head and spine, I had a life-altering experience receiving bodywork that shifted my understanding of bodies, aging and recovery. Hooked by the drastic improvement in my well-being, I sought to understand more. Since earning my therapeutic massage certificate, I continue eagerly exploring the modalities that assisted my journey.

With full presence and mindful listening, I seek to guide you through a therapeutic massage journey to reset your nervous system and unlock your body’s natural processes to release and repair itself, to override subconscious holding patterns and to facilitate ease of movement and stillness of mind.

Feeling safe, comfortable and free to communicate your needs is critical to being able to receive care fully. I strive to use clear communication, to implement your feedback and to hold space for you throughout our time together.

One massage provides deep relaxation, while regular bodywork shifts alignment, bringing ease & calm.

It is an honor to share the therapeutic benefits of massage & bodywork.


Please reach out for any of the following if:

  • you need to schedule time outside of my current listed availability
  • you would like to schedule home visits, corporate chair or table massage, a custom package or private event
  • you would like to donate to the Paraware Justice Fund to help people in need of assistance to access care
  • you would like to inquire about financial assistance availability
  • you would like to schedule a free consultation to make sure I can provide what you are looking for
  • you would like to purchase a gift certificate
  • you have any other inquiries

You can email here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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