Maltex Studio


Our Winter 2021 Therapeutic Pilates online classes are held through Evolution Physical Therapy.

Look for them here :    Click on ‘Yoga Series’ to find Sharon’s Therapeutic Pilates Series.


Pilates at the Maltex Studio

Series are suspended until further notice.

Introduction to Pilates: a series for those with little or no experience, as well as those who want to move thoughtfully and carefully through the matwork. Modifications are provided as needed for those with back, hip, knee or neck issues. 

Pilates/ Stretch : this series combines flowing pilates exercises, with stretching, to both strengthen and lengthen the core and overall musculature.

Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab : a series for those recovering from breast cancer treatment.

  • Reintroduce your body to exercise following breast cancer treatment
  • Minimize muscle soreness, tightness and weakness
  • Restore posture and alignment

For further info or to register call; 802-230-0909

Sharon McIlwaine has been a certified pilates instructor for over 20 years. Originally a professional modern dancer, she was first drawn to pilates after the birth of her children, in order regain core strength, she has found the technique to be an unparalleled tool for maintaining physical strength and resiliency. Known as a technique for developing a resistance to injury, pilates helps create and maintain strength, flexibility and healthy postural patterns. For many, pilates works to manage back pain. With back pain being the #1 reason people seek acupuncture treatment, it became important to Sharon to offer pilates to her patients and others as a way back to a fully functional, and agile body.

Our body is our vehicle for life!